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Default Tangent - Demolishing his useles penis and balls

Tangent - Demolishing his useles penis and balls

Tags: Femdom, Foot Fetish, Fetish
Description: Demolishing his useles penis and balls If you have enjoyed the clip "This is pure " then this clip right here will do it for you. Tangent haven't lost her skills at all... not to mention that she is more mean this time. Don't get fooled by her sexy look... Tangent has no feelings for men. She has no appreciation for men penises as well. That's why she loves to them to the point that the pain is so horrible that her slaves start to cry like little babies. This time she wears her platforms and she is willing to demolish the pathetic cock that lies underneath her pretty feet. She has the technique to do it and she starts by using her leather belt whipping very hard Jay's cock. The pain is extreme but she doesn't obviously give a fuck about that. She let's him know that if he flinches then he will be in a serious trouble. Not that he will not be anyways. After she stops her whipping she steps on the CBT box and starts to crushing his penis like it is a piece of dead meat. Her slave screams out of pain but this is not her worry. She keeps stepping on his pennis and stomping it till the point that she wants to have more fun than that. She takes her shoes off and she starts stomping Jay's dick like never before. She pinches his cock with her beautiful feet and stretches it out so bad that it looks like it's going to come apart from the rest of his body. She calls him a pussy and humiliates him verbally over and over again. She tells him that his penis looks like a smurf and when she puts it between both of her feet and squeezes it she tells him that she made a cock sandwich. But this is not the end of it. After all this suffering she demands from her slave to get on his knees and put his penis right between her shoe and her heel so she can step on it full force. After he does that she puts all her weight on it and starts to jump up and down with his penis between her platforms and her heel. She is having so much fun with that but she is not completely satisfied yet. Another good idea for her is that Jay should also put his balls right between there. I have to admit you that this was really difficult for me to capture it on camcorder because when I saw his balls between her heels getting all crushed I thought that they will explode. But for Tangent this is not a problem. She actually tries to do that. She enjoys feeling with her fingers his balls while they are getting between her foot and getting ready to be destroyed. This clip is a piece of art performed by her!
Duration: 00:17:34
Format: Windows Media
Video: VC-1, 700x360 (1.944), 29.970 fps, ~1 357 Kbps avg, 0.180 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.1 KHz, WMA2, 2 ch, ~64.0 Kbps
Filesize: 180 MB

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